The runway and taxiways were designed taking a critical aircraft as a Boeing 747.
The parking platform allows the simultaneous operation of 2 large aircraft (B747-A340), 2 medium-sized aircraft (B737 -A320-E190) and 1 smaller aircraft (F28-SW4).


  • Airport codes: USU - ANAC | SAWH - OACI | USH - IATA

  • Runway lenght: 2.800 Mts.

  • Runway wide: 45 Mts.

  • Security zones: 150 Mts. (Beyond each head) and benches of 7.5 Mts. (Paved).

  • Runway orientation: 07-25.

  • Location of the SAWH (USH) Aerodrome 4 Km. South of the city of Ushuaia.

  • Reference Point: Latitude SOUTH 54 ° 50 '36' '/ Longitude WEST 68 ° 17' 44 ''.

  • Commercial platform: 28.000 m2.

  • Aerodrome elevation: 31 mts. SNM.

  • Quotas: Head: 07: 26 mts. SNM. | Headboard: 25: 22 mts. SNM.

  • Streets: are designed with a width of 23 Mts.

  • Signage: daytime on the runway, taxiway and platform, the respective markings were made with special paint and refracting.

  • Banding according to categorization. In track, shooting and platforms.

  • Visual aids for approach: PAPI single head 25 and REILS both headers, 07-25.

  • Support Value Runway 07-25 - (PCN) 54/R/A/W/U. T1 = 63 | T2 = 95 | T4 = 222 | T5 = 285 | T8 = 385.

Meters long.
Meters wide.
Surface m2.
Km from Ushuaia city.



Toasted by EANA SE.


The airport has a category 9. The service is provided by the Federal Fire Service of the Federal Police Argentina. Equipment owned by PFA and ANAC.


Currently the Airport has 2 independent teams, one that supplies the "air side" (beaconing, communications, etc.) and other equipment the rest of the services (ballooning, etc.)


The service is in charge of YPF - Repsol. Fuel supply Type JP1. Total storage capacity 1,200,000 Lts.


Service provided by Intercargo and Aerohandling.


DVOR - Frequency 113.7 Mhz, DME CH 50X - ILS (GP - LOC) - Frequency 111.3 Mhz - GP associated with DME.

London Supply develops the maintenance of track, filming and platforms to ensure the totality of the operations planned at that time of the year. It has equipment and special machinery for the removal of ice and snow - the same is detailed below.
It also provides the labor and inputs needed to carry out the activities described.


All the equipment is in the so-called "operations warehouse", located on the east sector of the commercial platform. It has a deposit of materials and supplies, a repair and maintenance workshop, a technical office, etc.

1 Osh Kosh 4x4 multipurpose truck with front and side shovel for snow removal, with hopper and urea disperser.

1 Multipurpose truck GMC - RPM TECH 6 x 4 with front and side shovel for snow removal, with hopper and urea disperser.

1 Multipurpose truck GMC - RPM TECH 4 x 4 with front and side shovel for snow removal, with quick launcher of Snowman (cap 5,000 tons / h).

1 Osh Kosh brand truck 4 x 4 with 7mts barrenieve brush and air blower.

1 International brand truck with brush 5mts barrenieve and air blower.

1 Tractor brand Deutz 4 x 4, with hopper brand Yomel urea spreader.


1 Ford Truck 4 x 4 with dump truck.


2 Nissan 4x4 pickup trucks double cab for technical support tasks.


The airport is located 4 km from the city of Ushuaia. Access to the airport is through the Paseo Roque Sánchez Galdeano, 3.3 km long.

The general vehicular parking is located inside the main road circulation, with a surface approx. Of 4,000 M2 and with capacity for 150 vehicles. In front of the building is the parking lot for official cars and for those who have reduced capacity. Also the airport has places (3) for parking of large mics and taxis and remis.

The passenger terminal is located next to the parking lot and has a total area of ??9,700.00 M2, distributed over two floors. It has the following equipment:

  • 18 check in positions, adaptable to different airlines, all with electronic balances shared for every two positions.

  • 1 boarding lounge - on the upper floor - for 500-seater cabotage flights (500).

  • 1 boarding room - on the upper floor - to be used interchangeably for cabotage or international flights with a capacity of 300 people seated.

  • Each boarding room has a health group for both sexes and public telephony. All include facilities to be used by people with reduced capacity.

  • VIP room - high floor - with capacity for 24 people seated which includes a bar with bar service and toilets.

  • 2 telescopic gangways for passenger boarding and disembarkation, suitable for large aircraft (B747).

  • 4 Migrations positions for shipments - upstairs. And 4 migration positions for arrivals - upstairs -.

  • 3 Hydraulic Lifts, Cap. Max. 4 people. Checked baggage check-in tapes and RX equipment for checked baggage. Two Carousels to claim luggage (with Back Up engine).

  • Confectionery and restaurant on the ground floor with capacity for 120 people seated, and bar / cafeteria bars in both pre-boarding rooms.

  • Scanner for hand luggage, metal detector bow, explosives detector and scanner for luggage arriving.

  • Commercial premises and various stands within which the following services are provided: Sale of handicrafts and jewelery in stone, sale of regional and native items, drugstore, kiosk, newspapers and magazines, confectionery bar and restaurant.

  • ATM - Exchange house currently operated by Banco Provincia Tierra del Fuego.

  • Renters of cars without driver (2), agency of remis, stand of taxis.

  • Heating system by hot air circulation. (Fan Coil), air curtains at each opening. (Doors, luggage entrances, etc.), six boarding gates, two Preembarque doors, signage by means of video with flight information, uniform signage - Spanish - English -, for location of areas, sound system, in all The areas for flight information. Nursing.

  • 19 Operational offices: (1), Customs (Operative Office) (1), Senasa (Operative Office) (1), Office (1), Office of the Guard, Of Airport Headquarters. (2), Office ARO AIS - Flight Plan (1), Office Provincial Address AIUMA (2), Offices LONDON SUPPLY S.A.C.I.F.I. (2), Offices Aerolineas Argentinas (3), Lan Chile Offices, (1), Intercargo Office (1), LADE Office and Transp. Aircraft (1).

The building contemplates the possibility of operating domestic and international flights simultaneously.


    It is located at a distance of 600 mts. Of the passenger terminal. It has a visibility height of 36 meters. And has the necessary equipment to operate in the current category.


    It is located in the east side of the commercial platform and the equipment that it owns allows to operate with Category 9 of O.A.C.I.


    The airport has a water tank with a capacity of 27,000 liters for buildings and a 600,000 liters tank that supplies the fire system.