This page includes an easy-to-use flight tracker and a link to the information appearing on the airport arrival and departure hall screens.
The data on estimated arrival and departure times is supplied by the airlines. You can access the flight tracker to get this information or contact us at our Customer Services Centre at (2902) 491220/29/30 from 7 am to 9 pm.

In the event of any missing luggage or personal item during the trip, you must contact the pertinent airline. If you lost an item within the Airport facilities, you must resort to the Airport Security Police (PSA) of the pertinent airport.

To learn about the appropriate procedure you must contact your airline before your flight date in order to avoid inconveniences both at El Calafate Airport and at the arrival airport.

Regional and international flights allow up to 20 kg for checked luggage per passenger. For carry-on baggage, the allowance is 5 kg per passenger. Each airline, however, has its own luggage policy, so we suggest you contact your airline.

Yes. All airports managed by London Supply have luggage carts available for passenger use.

At Ushuaia Airport, as in El Calafate and Trelew, boarding fees are included in the fare.

There are no currency exchange houses at Ushuaia Airport. You will find currency exchange houses in the City of Ushuaia.


To take into accout
  • Check flight status on the arrival and departure hall screens.

  • Keep an eye on your belongings while at the airport.

  • In case of trouble, ask for help at the INFORMATION counter.

  • Sharp objects or aerosols, among others, are not allowed in carry-on baggage. We suggest contacting the airline staff before luggage check-in.

  • Check with your airline the allowed size of carry-on baggage to avoid troubles finding a place for it inside the aircraft.

  • Animals are forbidden within the airport and if you are travelling with an animal, it must be kept at all times inside its transportation kennel or crate.

  • If you plan on protecting your luggage with plastic wrapping, you should first check with your airline if it must previously undergo inspection.